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You can work with Sorax in 4 different ways.
Now our planet needs a lot more livable and greener projects.
We integrate our technologies with our wide range of solutions, and attach great importance to the value of co-development.

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Become our representative

We are in 81 provinces and 33 countries. For the Safety and Functionality of Habitats, let's reach more points together in world-wide cooperation.

Become our business partner

We combine our commercial talents with innovation. With the confidence in our Solutions and Suggestions, we are working with you to increase your satisfaction.

Let's integrated

We attach importance to confidentiality and turn our products and services into Value Added Solutions with all our project integrators. Join us!

IInvestment partnership

In order for our projects to reach a wider audience, they make budget assessments with very valuable institutions and organizations. We are realizing our projects respectively. Win Together

Partner and Representative Supporting Policies

Marketing Support

Regional sales support
Regional sales program proposals and representative incentive policy

Activities and Projects Training support
We encourage our partners to create a showroom and participate in marketing activities, to provide resources and promotional support.

Advertising and promotion
We provide our partners and representative in all winners.

Marketing design and material support
Catalog, video, pictures, posters, brochures etc. Including a series of marketing
We offer materials.

Technical Support

Vocational training support
Provide technical guidance and material; Product training in periodic periods

Customized solutions support
Everything is online and available with our Mobile Technical Service software. We follow together.

Efficient customer service
Professional technical support for pre-sales and after-sales service

SLA Support Packages
After Sales Services Supported with Custom After Sales Services Options, tailored to the needs of our customers

Why should you be a Sorax partner?

We are able to produce new generation solutions with the best of the world, with our integration capabilities, Professional support, and more ...

Collaboration Procedure with Sorax.





Worldwide business partners and some projects

Yerli Üretim
Our Software 100%
Domestic Production
Yerli Üretim
Service and Sales in 81 Cities& 33 Countries.
Yerli Üretim
Yerli Üretim
R&D Central Project Development
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Project Credit Support
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Hannover LED Display
Turkey Distributor
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