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Increase your earnings with Hey Taxi

Hey Taxi

Call Mobile Taxi, Find the nearest taxi


Taxi drivers training with scoring option

Maximum Security

Camera Support

Smart Route

Easy Pay

Credit Card, Smart Ticket, Online, Mobile

Special Travel Advantages

Points collection and shopping support with contracted institutions

Taxi Driver Friendly System

Meeting with the passenger without having to idle; saving fuel and time; tracking with security camera, panic button and GPS; instant navigation support to the driver with the tablet to be installed; registration of all journeys in the system; responsiveness to electronic payment requests; increase the professional standards of taxi services by raising the quality of service in taxis.

Passenger Safety and Easy Payment
To be able to calculate the approximate fare before the journey; one-touch taxi call; safe journey; payment by credit card and RDID and NFC Cards; find lost items; multi-language support; scoring drivers, selecting taxi drivers based on points; saving frequently used addresses; calling taxi according to vehicle segment (Yellow taxi, Turquoise Taxi, Black Taxi, Marine Taxi); to be able to book forward or periodically recurring.

Hey Taxi's Travel Advantages
Passengers can make calls via smartphone; Providing the most suitable route alternatives; Monitoring the vehicles remotely and directing the ones within the scope of the call to the passenger; Increasing Customer Satisfaction with Scoring System; Tracking Which Driver Works in Which Vehicle and Ensuring Quality of Chauffeur Service; Increasing Trust and Safety; Prevention of Time, Fuel Loss and Waiting Problems, Reducing the Number of Empty Taxi in Traffic; Alternative Payment Methods Other than Cash Payment; Tracking of Taxis Registered to the System and Repeated Taxi Plate Control.

Beyond performance with Hey Taxi

Perfect for Travel

Excellent compatibility with all equipment

Tablet Image Recording Feature

This powerful touch screen that works with the Android system is also the perfect solution for an MDVR, taxi surveillance and fleet management.

Everything is under your control with Mobile Communication Capabilities

GPS, network communication, built-in navigation, message notification, phone, order list, payment record,

Excellent integration with taxis with strong integration capability

Taxi meter, LED advertising panel, POS machine, driver panic button, service evaluator, etc. It is able to integrate with other accessories such as.

Intelligent Passenger Operations management

“Accept” and “Ignore” buttons on incoming call. If the driver accepts the call, the “Going to Passenger” screen is displayed. On this screen the customer's location and routing to that point. When the customer is reached, start the journey with the “Start Travel” button or the corresponding taximeter button

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