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Light flare blocking

Designed for vehicle

Mobile app

Everywhere in Turkey

Manage with Switch

Compliant with legal regulations

WinX is based on hybrid technology.

WinX converts the window from a clear state to a matte state, providing instant privacy and security when needed. It is one of the newest technological breakthroughs supported by a switch, a voice command or a control and many alternatives.
WinX is based on hybrid technology.
WinX is a more economical and ergonomic product than many of its competitors.
Also; WinX users; In addition to saving time, cost, unnecessary maintenance expenses, cleaning, you get a lot of advantages with advertising revenues.

A new era begins in vehicles, with WinX

WinX opens the doors of freedom to the full with alternative color options. Manage your journeys

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Manage light with WinX

One touch curtain, one touch screen. A new era begins in vehicles. WinX protects you from the burning effects of the sun and can manage your privacy, as well as turn your travels into revenue-generating channels. Mobile APP, Switch, Touch Panel options

Future Technology
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Adjustable glass according to light intensity with WinX

The age of the curtains is over. Passengers can switch WinX 's intensity or transparency according to the intensity of light with the switches located in the passenger windows, or the drivers can manage all the windows with the switch on the side.

Future Technology
WinX can be applied to vehicles in minutes

Both practical and functional.

WinX provides great convenience to our partners and customers with its interchangeability.

It can be easily changed by applying to the surface, not into the glass.

WinX is invisible glass appearance when it is "on".

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WinX color options

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