, KI – Sorax Akıllı Teknolojiler

WI-FI to Everywhere

With KI designed for your customers, Make them prefer you more with wireless internet service

Do more with KI
Value-added solutions beyond your dreams

Management panel

With your KI User Name and password, you can access the User statistics in all of your locations using KI, and manage your marketing functions.

Customer Focused

We attach great importance to feedback from you

Automatic connection

Public transport, intercity coaches, cafes hospitals, customers can be online with their username and password wherever they see the KI logo.

5651 Law compatible logging and hotspot

All internet services you share in public areas are registered under 5651 law.

Social media interaction

Prepare custom welcome areas for your customers with enterprise modules.

Advertising areas

Create exclusive ad spaces for your visitors and keep them up-to-date with promotions and campaigns. Get instant feedback from your customers and get your services.

Custom welcome screens for your customers

Automatic recognition, social media, TC authentication login options

Collect instant information about your customers' preferences with KI Survey Feature.
Measure the views of your customers and visitors about your services, products, space and employees instantly with the questions you will design in different formats.
Businesses using KI are now very lucrative
KI Users share their strong but affordable marketing campaigns with their customers, while providing instant return and increasing their revenue. KI Users can provide significant Value Added to their businesses with advertisements they will take on KI logon screens.

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