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Manage Mobile Image Recorders in One Software

Reduce your costs

Keep track of what's happening on your fleet, Whether your mobile phone or desktop computer

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Manage your Fleets with View in One Software Increase your productivity


Package options with your data line


What's going on with your vehicles?

Your sensor data

Door sensors, temperature sensors and other sensors


Where are your vehicles


Set up or terminate a server


Instant fault notification of all your vehicles

Central Management Panel

To provide central control of users through the system. All users are provided with centralized logging. In this way, there is no log loss in cases such as device change or you can control all users by using CCTV in your entire organization. With real-time authorization distribution, all authority changes are made instantly in cases such as dismissal, assignment, promotion, and replacement (optional automatic). (giving branch managers automatic powers, etc.)

Configuration Management

Adjust all settings on your video recording devices with one click. In this way, you can determine your enterprise standard instead of the technicians' own initiatives on the field, and create a template for all your settings (recording, fixed, etc.) and all other settings (FPS, bitrate, resolution, etc.) You can apply the template with a single click. This ensures standardization of all of your CCTV devices, and if there is a need for poor quality / misuse, there are no problems such as inability to access images.

Fault Management with QR FORM

Thanks to integrated process management with service calls for all your alarms, recordings, health and so on, the monitoring of outsourcing field services and the ability to intervene more quickly.

Integrated Device Data Management

integrated with enterprise business applications, fast access to any data on your CCTV system without the need to search thousands of hours of images

Track your fleet with View in One Software and SLA Solution ! Save Your Time

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