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Student Security System

İs an end-to-end Intelligent Transportation Management system that contains the necessary security and preventive solutions between Parent, School Carrier and School in school transportation. With OGS, we enable students to travel with confidence and reach their schools and homes just in time.

Student Security System
With mobile application, the parent can monitor the position of the child from the school bu until the entrance to the school yard, follow the student's absence, or send information to the service within the application


We are continuously developing our softwares to provide more efficient and safe student transportation and smart warning system

Android and IOS application

By accessing our applications via Android and IOS, we provide easy access to our parents by quick registration.

Call and SMS support

We inform our parents with SMS or Voice Call. * School bus Arrived * Student on school bus * Student not on school bus * School bus changes

Maximum security

If the school bus is not on the route during the service hours, we will receive an emergency notification to our center. Our center firstly receives information by contacting the service company. In case of any negative situation, our system informs the police and provides intervention to the vehicle.

Right on time

Our priority is always our children. When we deliver our children to the school bus, we wonder: Where is my child now? Has my child reached school safely? What if the service vehicle is on his way? OGS is at your service to resolve any concerns you might have while your child is on the school bus


We attach importance to the safety of our students. Access to the OGS cameras located in the school bus is only monitored by Security authorities when the emergency warning is received from the vehicle. All these reports are reported in time.

Both economic and easy. more manageable and Safe with school transportation

OGS's user friendly interfaces
No manual management via application
Everything is managed in seconds with finger reader and GPS technologies

Student safe system is designed in accordance with the official newspaper regulations(25.10.2017 30221)
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