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TSN can be installed on a variety of containers, from public waste containers to landfills, underground cans and more. The variety of configurations allows for creative applications that traditional sensors will not allow.

Data-based Solid Waste Management

Sorax offers a comprehensive intelligent waste management solution using IoT smart sensor and cloud-based software connected to smart building technology.

Clean City Network (CCN)


With Using CCN, you can keep track of all your waste bins, track occupancy levels and fill level history, optimize collection routes, check battery levels, geographic locations, collection history, overflow status, response times, fire events and more.

Manageable Analysis

CCN Fleet Equipment

CCN Fleet

CCN Fleet is an extended version of Clean City Networks for users who need fleet management capabilities. Simply integrate our Clean Tracking Module (CTM) and software / application to provide real-time monitoring, analysis and asset management.

Automatic Route Optimization

CCN Sensor

CCN Sensor

The TSN Sensor is a multifunctional ultrasonic waste bin sensor that detects both liquids and solids and transmits data to Sorax's IoT network solutions, TSN. Fill Level, Fire Detection and Tilt Sensor Heat sensors detect fires and alert the user with a notification.

Application Versatility

Cleaner Cities

Smart Sensors

Root Optimization

Long Battery Life

4 Years

Developable Solutions


Location information

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Manageable Analysis


Manageable Analysis Collection performance and efficiency, overflow frequency, waste generation, suboptimal aggregations and more comprehensive reports can be used to help you understand your operations and identify areas for improvement.


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