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Market Demand and Challenge

Ensuring driver and passenger safety,
Providing evidence for accident and criminal investigations,
Improved operational efficiency and responsiveness Fleet management telematics and CCTV solutions can be applied to monitor and manage vehicle locations, to provide the most efficient operations with the fastest possible response time, and data can be provided to ensure that drivers have optimum driving ability.


4 channels / 8 channels HDD MDVR with 7 cameras (3 indoor domes, 2 side cameras, 1 front view, 1 rear view)
IButton customized for driver participation system.
Real-time two-way communication for emergency.
Power CMS Platform for web-based monitoring and APP.
Robust on-board computer with Ambulance dispatch Software to improve fleet shipment with fast response.


Full telematics package, live view and 3G GPS tracking for operational efficiency.
Driver safety and behavior monitoring - In-cab camera systems and telematics package for improved driving and driver performance.
Full Fleet Management and Shipment, increase efficiency and save time
Driving aids - reversing camera solutions to protect blind spot and drivers and vulnerable road users, eliminating cameras, proximity sensors, left hand warning systems.
Our Software is 100% Native Software
Wide service and sales network in 81 provinces and 33 countries
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