Transportation systems aim to provide communication and technology that provides safe, comfortable, comfortable, efficient and environmentally friendly travel for all passengers.


The EN50155 / EN45545 certified fanless rail computer system is powered by 2.6GHz 7th / 6th Generation Intel® Core ™ i7-6600U processors. Designed specifically for various rolling stock applications such as train control and management, passenger information, entertainment and communication and surveillance, the robust SPT-6000R computing solution offers an optimum combination of low power consumption and high performance. It is equipped with rugged, lockable M12 connectors for robust I / O connections during the train journey and operates quietly at temperatures between -20 ° C and + 55 ° C. In addition, these platforms are subjected to numerous tests to follow the EN50155 / EN45545 standards and protect them against shocks, vibrations, humidity, temperature changes and overvoltages.

The SPT-6000R is available in two models, one 24VDC input (SPT-6000R) and the other 72 / 110VDC input (SPT-6000RHV). M12 Gigabit Ethernet, two USB 2.0 and power input connectors as well as a PCI-E (x4) socket. For easy access and maintenance, the front panel has a CFAST socket, 2.5 ”drive bay, two SIM sockets, two USB 3.0 and four antenna connections.

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The SRX-626 is a digital sign system powered by the AMD Radeon ™ E8860 graphics GPU, based on 7th / 6th Generation Intel® Core ™ mobile processors and using the advanced Graphics Core Next (GCN) architecture to provide exceptional ultra-high resolution multimedia. Play on six HDMI displays.

To produce a high-performance digital signage player, SRX-626 combines the processing power of Intel® Core ™ i7-7820EQ with the superior graphics capabilities of AMD Radeon E8860. The SI-626 is very thin, less than 30mm thick, but provides stable performance due to the ventilation that IBASE separates from components using dust and the built-in IBASE H / W EDID emulation to protect components with remote protection functionality. An IBASE utility to prevent display problems due to screen identification errors.

 Intelligent energy-saving green technology and Observer remote monitoring technology in SRX-626 provide power efficiency such as automatic power timing, power failure detection to reduce downtime, restore to its default state in case of system crash The system can be activated even in low ambient conditions, so users can They can rely on the SI-626 to deliver reliable performance even in harsh environments.

The SRX-626 is ideal for video walls or multi-screens with ultra-high resolution multimedia playback on multiple displays to attract and keep viewers' attention like never before in public places such as large retail stores, shopping malls, airports and train stations. . The SI-626 standard comes with 8GB DDR4 system memory, two Gigabit Ethernet and 128GB SSD storage. It weighs 2.2 kg and can be measured directly from 290 mm x 222 mm and 29.9 mm, without the need for additional mounting brackets.

Add 4G / LTE connectivity for both passengers and staff, whatever rail vehicles.

Communication Gateway for Railway

Whether on a suburban train or a high-speed train, while traveling by train, the Internet connection is almost crucial, although the reasons for the connection are different and numerous.

Hanover Info Screens

On the multimedia screens of Hannover, high-resolution TFT panels are used, which are housed in sturdy, attack-resistant cases specially designed for the public transport environment. Screens can display still images, animated graphics, and high definition videos.

The sophistication of this technology allows the train operator to provide more information for passengers, such as complete vehicle routes, points of interest, connection points with other routes in the network, schedules, promotional information and advertising messages. Both VGA and Ethernet communication options are available in various sizes.

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