Sorax Industrial Wireless Access Point Vehicle Wifi Router / Car Lte Router 1200Mbps

SRX-2026-5.8G is dual band 3G/4G Wi-Fi router (3G / 4G gateway) specially for Vehicles
using. It has1 LAN port, support 802.11 /b/g/n standard and 3G /4G. This device has Wide
Area Network VPN tunnel, Local Area Network Wi-Fi security authentication, 4G / 3G /
and watchdog functions etc, to achieve wireless LAN seamless connection, automatic
network redial to provide users with high-speed, secure, reliable mobile broadband
services.It has a USB 2.0 data interface, a MICRO SD (TF) card interface, with larger
storage function.

This device with metal case and vehicle anti-interference design, to achieve excellent
anti-interference performance. Also it uses vehicle power supply design, support 9V~28V
Car power supply,can effectively prevent equipment damage from vehicle’s power
fluctuations, it offers a wonderful solution for vehicle Wi-Fi such as bus Wi-Fi,car Wi-Fi,
train Wi-Fi, taxi Wi-Fi etc. This device also widely used in Wi-Fi coverage project like Bus

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Special for Vehicles using;
1.Complies with 802.11b / g / n /ac wireless protocol;
2.Wireless Rate up to 1200Mbps;
3. Support 4G / 3G watchdog function, automatic network redial.
4. Can be dialed through an external USB interface (need to mount USB 3G/4G
Dongle )
5.Support GPS function (depending on 3G/4G module)
6. Support to automotive power 12V and 24V systems, the minimum operating
voltage is 9V, the maximum operating voltage is 28V. The maximum can be withstand
174V duration 150ms surge voltage, meet to 5a, 5b standard of the car protection.