22nm Intel Haswell, 4MB cache, Intel Core i7 4650U 1.8GHz,
max 3.0GHz CPU, Intel HD Graphics 5000(200MHz~1.1GHz)
* 14nm Intel Broadwell, 4MB cache, Intel Core i7 5500U 2.4GHz,
max 3.0GHz CPU, Intel HD Graphics 5500(300MHz~950MHz)
* 3M Cache, Intel Core i5 5200U 2.2GHz max 2.7GHz 2 Core 4
threads, Intel HD Graphics 5500(300MHz~900MHz)
I/O: 2HDMI, Optical, SD Card Reader, 2RJ45 Giga LAN,
4USB3.0, 4USB2.0, MIC, SPK, Switch On/Off, DC-IN, 2WiFi
RAM: 2xSO-DIMM DDR3L Slot, max 16GB DDR3L
Storage: 1xMSATA3.0 SSD and 1xSATA3.0 HDD
WiFi: Inbuilt 3G/4G/WiFi&Bluetooth with Dual antennas(optional)
O/S: Windows / Linux
Without fan, Fanless system
One embedded SIM card slot(optional)
Black color Aluminum alloy case
Can be mounted back of monitor by an optional VESA mount
Can be stand up by a free plastic stand holder

CE & FCC Class A, EMARK, EN50155, ECE-R10.04 +

Windows 7 | Windows 8 | Windows 10 | Linux