You can set off in 4 different ways with Sorax.
Now our planet needs more livable and environmental projects.
We integrate our technologies with our wide range of solutions, and we attach great importance to the value of developing together.

Start a Profitable Partnership to Speed ​​Up Your Business

We are in 81 provinces and 33 countries. Let's reach more points together in Worldwide collaborations for the Safety and Functionality of Living Spaces.

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We Combine Our Commercial Capabilities With Innovation. We work with you to increase your Customer Satisfaction with confidence in our Solutions and Suggestions.

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We value confidentiality and turn our products and services into Value Added Solutions with all of our project integrator companies. Join us!

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It conducts budget evaluations with very valuable institutions and organizations in order for our projects to reach wider audiences. We are realizing our projects respectively. Let's Earn Together

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Marketing Support

Regional sales support
Regional sales program recommendations and representative incentive policy

Events and Projects Educational support
We encourage our partners to create showrooms and participate in marketing events, and provide resource and promotional support.

Advertising and promotion
We include our Partners and Representatives in all our Winning Media.

Marketing design and material support
Catalog, video, picture, poster, brochure etc. A number of marketing, including
we offer materials.

Technical support

Vocational training support
Providing technical guidance and materials; Product training in periodic periods

Customized solutions support
Everything is online and within reach with our Mobile Technical Service software. We follow together.

Efficient customer service
Professional technical support for pre-sales and after-sales service

SLA Support Packages
After-Sales Services Support, which is tailored to the needs of our customers during sales, functionalized with Special After-Sales Services Options

Realizing projects with the best in the world, being able to produce new generation solutions with our integration skills, professional support, and more ...

Our Business Partners and Some Projects Worldwide

Women's investment platform

Industrial Router and Registration Systems

On the go security systems

Industrial cards

GSM modules

Business partnership

Our Software is 100% Native Software
Wide service and sales network in 81 provinces and 33 countries
International Quality Certificates
Gosb Technopark R&D Center Project Development
Project credit support in 81 provinces
Hanover Led Display Distributor in Turkey