Market Demand and Challenge

Oil and Gas is one of the most important logistics sectors due to the flammable and explosive materials carried in trucks.

In the event of an accident, it will cause extremely serious damage, so safe driving of the tanker truck during transportation will be top priority. For this reason, it is a critical requirement to prevent accidents by monitoring driver behavior such as overspeed, hard braking, hard acceleration, hard cornering, fatigue driving, distracted driving.

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Sorax Vehicle Management System for Oil and Gas:

Video monitoring for evidence: Live video monitoring, real-time GPS monitoring, supports snapshot base by trigger or program
Driver Behavior Monitoring: event video clips sensor trigger or product level that can be uploaded to the central server base via alarm trigger such as overspeed, hard braking, hard acceleration, fatigue driving, smoking, phone call while driving, distraction driving, collision, lane departure, fuel sensor trigger, panic trigger etc.
Telematics features: provide comprehensive fleet management features integrated with the customer platform
Redundant system design: fireproof box for backup recording in case of explosion; UPS for power backup to make sure the shot is taken.


Greatly improve the safety of goods, vehicles and drivers
Improve the driving behavior of truck drivers
Save costs for vehicle maintenance and insurance
Provide evidence for events
Integration with customers' management software by combining all systems into one system
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