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Market Demand and Challenge

What could be happier than helping people achieve their goals safely and have a good time throughout the process?
The taxi industry has seen a lot of changes over the past few years. The deterioration of the liberalization of new entrants and the increased pressure for better services has put enormous pressure on taxi and transportation providers worldwide. We are committed to helping the taxi and transportation market address and benefit from change.

Taxi Driver
Taxi Passenger
Taxi Operator
Management from one center
Competitive advantage
Unnecessary performance blocking
Finding a taxi instantly
Evidence for problems
Knowing the amount to be paid
More fun for tourists
Management from one center
Follow-up of income
Drive management


End-to-end solution for taxi management:
Taximeter, camera, headlight integration
Online payment
Wifi hotspot and backseat entertainment screens for passengers
Camera to increase security
Seat sensor connection for driver safety
Panic button to notify emergency situations and protect passengers and drivers


Easy access to the passenger with navigation and online communication!

The quick steering system helps drivers get more done;
Navigation in case of some misunderstanding;
Emergency support for accidents;
No need to use a mobile phone while driving;
“One click” for all transactions;
All records will be kept to prove the rights of the drivers;
Brand new payment system and “no more cash!”

“Safer and Happier” - Passengers

Safe environment with CCTV
Ensuring straight line with GPS
The whole journey is recorded
Calculating the taxi fare before travel
A great experience with excellent entertainment systems;
User friendly with language support for tourists;
Taxi booking everywhere;
Payment by credit card, electronic wallet;
Direct information display (Back screen);
Improving quality by driving scoring
Rapid Response in Emergency;

''Value Added, Solutions ”- Taxi Operators

Video recordings in solving problems
Fleet management system support
Dispatch system that increases efficiency
Number of fun services improves the image of the business
Driver KPI assessment (Driving Behavior Monitoring, driver participation)
Advertising that helps make a profit
All electronic data is backed up on servers
Reduce operating costs with higher efficiency
Our Software is 100% Native Software
Wide service and sales network in 81 provinces and 33 countries
International Quality Certificates
Gosb Technopark R&D Center Project Development
Project credit support in 81 provinces
Hanover Led Display Distributor in Turkey