Artificial Intelligence SRX-B53 Radar Vehicle camera (Object & Pedestrian detection)

Sorax 1080P Artificial Intelligence Moving Object & Pedestrian Detection Camera is designed to solve the blind spots of vehicles.


The camera has a built-in machine vision algorithm and a powerful motion detection function. It can be installed on the left and right side of the vehicle to detect blind spots for the driver in real time. Pedestrians, cyclists, or vehicles, etc., within the detection range. If a moving object with a certain volume and a relative speed of over 5 km/h is detected, the product will immediately alert the driver to avoid collisions. Effectively improve driver safety. In addition, this moving object detection and recognition camera is widely used in buses, trucks, buses, lorries, emergency vehicles, etc. Can be used on various vehicles.

Can be used with any HD monitor from SORAX
1CH HD analog 1080P video output
Detecting moving objects (vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists, etc.) in the blind area to the side of the vehicle and triggering a warning alarm
Ultra wide-angle HD camera with low illumination and WDR function
USB 2.0 interface and external WIFI module
Anti-vibration level: ISO16750-3:
Waterproof level: IP69K

Teknik Özellikler
Etkin pikseller 1920 (Yatay) X 1080 (Dikey)
Piksel boyutu 2.8um × 2.8um
Tarama Sistemi Aşamalı Tarama
Sync. Sistem İç
Video çıkışı AHD, 1.0Vp-p, 75Ohm
Gama Tüketimi 0.45
S / N Oranı S / N (a ağırlıklı) 38dB
Beyaz dengesi Oto
Elektronik Obtüratör 1/30 (1/25) ~ 1/50000 Saniye
TV sistemi 25 / 30fps
Çalışma sıcaklığı –20 ℃ ~ +70 ℃ , RH95% MAKS .
Depolama sıcaklığı –30 ℃ ~ +80 ℃ , RH95% MAKS.
Minimum Aydınlatma 0.1Lux
Güç kaynağı DC10-32V
Güç Tüketimi (12V IN) 180mA
Su geçirmez derece IP69K
Ses çıkışı Uyarı sesi çıkışı
Lens f = 1,4 mm / f = 1,98 mm
Görüş açısı 150 °
Kablo uzunluğu 2a
Boyut 104 x 48 x 54 (mm)
Ağırlık 250 g
Kabuk Rengi Siyah
Why is Sorax developing Artificial Intelligence Moving Object Detection Camera?
With the improvement of people's living standards, vehicle ownership increases and driving safety attracts people's attention. Due to the blind zones of the rear view mirror, a collision may occur if there is a car or pedestrian in the blind area when the vehicle is changing lanes or turning. Especially for large commercial vehicles (trucks, buses, etc.) they have larger dimensions, more blind areas and weaker braking, collision caused by the driver's blind spot has become the main cause of accidents for these vehicles. According to statistics, in all fatal accidents involving large commercial vehicles, more than 75% of the victims are unprotected road users (including pedestrians and cyclists), and more than 40% of the accidents occur in slow driving conditions such as vehicles. Starting or turning.

Based on the above background, SORAX developed this AI camera to move objects in the blind area. The active warning function is very effective in increasing drivers' attention and greatly reduces the occurrence of traffic accidents.
Camera supported by AI algorithm, all functions without control box
In the current market, cameras only provide images, so if the user wants to perform detection and warning functions, radar is a must. However, the SORAX 1080P Artificial Intelligence Moving Object Detection Camera is very light and convenient as it does not need a control box. Thanks to the built-in machine vision algorithm, intelligent identification and detection of moving objects can be realized.

AI moving object detection and real-time alert help collision avoidance
It can be installed on the left and right sides of the vehicle to detect and alert objects at a given volume and relative speed over 5km/h (such as vehicles, cyclists or vehicles). Pedestrians) reduce the chance of an accident by reminding the driver to gain reaction time immediately and effectively! It can also alert different positions of moving objects.

A waterproof rating of IP69K makes it weatherproof and durable

The installation location is flexible. The camera can be installed on either side of the vehicle
The AI motion detection camera can be flexibly installed on the left and right sides of the vehicle to monitor the blind area on the side of the vehicle in real time.

Product video

SORAX 1080P AI Moving Object Detection Camera can be applied to various vehicles such as buses, trucks and so on

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