We bring amazing people together to achieve extraordinary work.
We are a culturally diverse team that thinks, produces and redesigns people to realize what they are passionate in new ways. This innovation draws strength from our determination to do great work and our dedication to each other. Because learning from the people here means learning from the best.

In principle, when people say “it's too hard” for something, I think that work is difficult, but makeable, if physically possible.
Yakup Torun
Head of R&D Department
"Let's look at it from this point of view." work in an environment that we started.
Everyone here is innovating or advancing towards being innovative. This is how we develop products and experiences that few people can imagine. For example, engineers here have developed systems that greatly enhance human life and assets. Another team wrote the first mobilhotspot, which allows internet users to securely connect to the internet in public transport. Our technical teams provided the development of our application, which allows us to track our field operations, with qr code for digital reporting of on-site operations. It reminds us that every day we see our field reports, everybody is innovating at Sorax.
Join a company that has corporate apps as innovative as its products.

Discover the benefits of doing what you love.

Our most important resource is our soul, our employees. The benefits provided by Sorax help increase the welfare of our employees and their families in important areas. Regardless of which field you work in Sorax, you can take advantage of your family's leave programs, as well as the resources you can protect. We are proud to offer sharing policies to employees at all levels of the company. Sorax offers all employees the opportunity to get a share of the company's success. You will discover many more advantages of working at Sorax.
A team of talented people is required to do extraordinary work. That is why Sorax accepts you as you are and want to be.

"In GOSB Technopark, we continue to develop projects that protect our human life and assets, above all, in our meeting rooms, botanical gardens, conference rooms and all the free spaces we wish, by consulting with experienced experts, academics, and all our free friends."