HD 1080P 360° Around View System
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Sorax® 360° Around View Camera System can get real surround vision of driving, help to avoid blind spots and secure driving safety! It’s specially designed for trucks, buses, emergency vehicles, etc, easy to install and calibrate. Working with Radar Detection System will get better effects!

4CH 1080P 190° wide angle fish eye camera (Support Max. 8CH cameras), horizontal viewing angle >170°
• 4 x Max. 128GB SD cards for recording
• Simplified calibration
• 15 seconds prerecord function
• 4CH 1080P / 30fps recording
• Image compression: H.264
• HD 1080P video output
• Wi-Fi
• GPS tracking optional
• DC power: 10 ~ 32V
• Working temperature: -20ºC ~ +70ºC

Why do you need Sorax® 360°Around View Camera System?

Potential dangers hidden among blind areas.
Possibility of scratching in narrow roads while no one shares the cost.
Situation of racketeer for car accident keeps increasing.
Indeterminate responsibility for rear-end collision.
Unignorable Vehicle Blind Spots

Among all road accidents, those caused by blind spots have taken up a large proportion, which is a great threat to our lives.

It turns out that although A, B or C area is normally not a blind area, lower part of the high vehicle could actually formulate a blind area.

Area A, B, C: Half blind area
Severity of danger depends on the vehicle size.
Area D: Full blind area
Beyond the sight of the driver and 3 rear view mirrors.
Area E: Full blind area
Pillar A near the windshield hinders the vision, which creates the blind spots.
Watch Out for Truck’s Blind Spots!

Due to their size and length, trucks have larger blind spots than the average car, which means truck drivers may not be able to see you. So for everyone’s safety, be cautious when driving next to, or behind a truck.
Sorax® 360° Surround View System Complete Safeguard Your Driving!!!

360° Seamless Stitching
Support 4CH/6CH/8CH inputs, customization available according to your vehicle requirements.

Panoramic Image Synthesis

Panoramic image synthesis: rectify distortion of 4CH 1080P FHD image to stitch seamlessly, display actual driving scenario, and achieve the real bird’s-eye view around your truck.

1080P Full HD Image

Sorax® Around View System provides clear rear, front and side view of your driving.

Support Video Recording, 4×128GB SD Cards

360° vision system Integrated with Radar

Automatically remind the driver to avoid potential danger and allow them to take proper actions in advance.


Sorax® 360° Bird’s Eye View Camera System helps a lot in various driving situations, such as reverse parking, eliminating blind spots and turning at narrow road.

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Vision Solution for bus:

Vision Solution for truck: