1080P Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS)


Sorax® Advanced Driver Assistance Systems can increase driving safety by alerting the driver with sound or vibration. It is greatly beneficial for driving safety. You can manage your fleets and prevent your costs with our solutions integrated with our mobile DVR systems.

• Advanced Collision Warning (FCW)
• Lane Departure Warning (LDW)
• Speed ​​Sign Recognition (SSR) and Overspeed Alarm
• Pedestrian Detection (PD)
1080P WDR camera input
• With built-in FHD Video recorder (1080P / 25fps); support Max. 1x128GB micro SD card for recording
• Compatible for integration with MDVR. Advanced fleet management.
GPS tracking and WiFi hotspot
3G / 4G optional
DC power: 10 ~ 32V
• Working temperature: -20 ℃ ~ 70 ℃
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What is advanced driver support systems (ADAS)?

ADAS, electronic systems designed to assist vehicle drivers and increase vehicle safety. Driving safety is enhanced by alerting drivers to potential problems or preventing collisions and accidents.

Why do you need ADAS?
Sometimes it is difficult to avoid distracted driving due to a sudden phone call, fatigue or file reading, and the risks always follow distractions. However, risks can be reduced with ADAS.

SORAX® Advanced Driving Assistance System —— Your Driving Safety

Features of Advanced Driving Support System

1080P WDR provides better picture under strong and weak light

Sorax® advanced driving assist system uses 1080P WDR input to achieve a much sharper and clearer effect compared to normal recording, regardless of strong light exposure or dim conditions.

Built-in 3G / 4G / GPS Module supports real-time video playback and vehicle tracking

The advanced driving system supports real-time video playback and vehicle tracking on Google via the Android APP.

Seamless integration with SORAX® Mobile DVR for fleet management

While MDVR is running, the MDVR system can automatically record alarm events and upload related files; Instant monitoring capability from PC or app

WiFi access point for video playback without consuming data

G-Sensor to Lock Files
The built-in G-sensor automatically locks the recording files if the vehicle encounters a serious crash or vibration to ensure that important files are well protected and not overwritten.

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