4CH 1080p HDD / SSD MDVR

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4CH 1080p HDD / SSD MDVR
Supports 4 ch AHD 1080P + 1 IP 1080P
Supports 4 ch AHD 1080P +4 IP 1080P (with PON switch)
Industry leading CPU with powerful processing ability;
Supports HDD/SSD for recording. Max. 2TB;
Support HD video output (VGA port for optional);
Robust design: Cast aluminum enclosure. Patented design;
Selected industrial power chipsets, support 8-36V wide range power input, adapt to harsh environment;
Support external Fireproof box, to backup data in extreme scenarios;
1 SD card for backup recording, max.256GB;
Dual streams for local recording and wireless transmission;
Support 3G/4G, Wi-Fi, GPS modules;
Built-in G-sensor for harsh acceleration/deceleration detection;
Data self-protection, save data when shut down abnormally;
Industrial Level of Anti-vibration
Specilized HDD case design protects all the data can be stored securely, and make sure every details can be recorded even in accidents.
Full HD Video Inputs
SRX-MDVR8P-4A-4I supports 4 channel 1080p AHD camera inputs and it can work with extra IP camera for extension. It can fulfill high-standard resolutions for various commercial vehicles’ requirements.
More Than Connections
It not only support Lan for Internet connection but also work with 3G/LTE/WIFI.

Further more, G-sensor can be used to monitor the driving behaviors. It has serial connection supporting 8 alarm inputs, 2 alarm outputs, RS232, RS485 and 1-wire protocol.




Nor flash 32MB. Support SPI NAND flash, max. 4GB (Optional)

Total resource

1080p@120fps recording


English, Russia, Portuguese, Spanish, etc.


Support remote controller and mouse for control External display for GUI Support Mobile Check for configuration Support web access in LAN network


Support username and password management

Support username and password management

Video Input

4 ch AHD 1080P @30fps + 4 channel 1080P IP camera (external switch) 4 ch AHD 720P@30fps + 4 channel 720P IP camera (external switch) 4 ch D1@30fps + 4 channel 720P IP camera (external switch)

4 ch AHD 1080P @30fps + 4 channel 1080P IP camera (external switch) 4 ch AHD 720P@30fps + 4 channel 720P IP camera (external switch) 4 ch D1@30fps + 4 channel 720P IP camera (external switch)

1 channel, 6PIN LAN port, Can connect to external PON switch

Video Output

HD Video Output (VGA -6PIN aviation interface)

Video Output port

3 ports for output: back panel 4 PIN aviation male connector; VGA connector (6 pin aviation interface); front panel 3.5mm AV out hole

High Definition Output

Support HD video output, VGA output (6 pin aviation interface) (optional) Can be converted to HDMI port

Video compression algorithm

H.264 compression


1/4/9 display. Support manual/trigger full screen display

Recording resolution

Support 1080P, 720P, D1, HD1, CIF. Max. 8 ch 1080P

Image quality

1 to 8 image quality configurable (1 is the best quality, 8 the lowest, default is 4)

Recording frame rate

PAL: 100fps ,CCIR625 line,50 Hz NTSC: 120fps,CCIR525 line,60Hz CIF: 256Kbps ~ 1.5Mbps HD1: 600Kbps ~ 2.5Mbps D1: 800Kbps ~ 3Mbps 720P: 1Mbps-4Mbps 1080P: 1Mbps~8Mbps

Recording Plan

Default auto recording; Support ignition recording, manual recording, alarm recording


Support OSD display of date, time, vehicle ID, alarm name, etc.

Alarm recording

Support alarm trigger recording, fps and image quality configurable. (Alarm triggered recording in higher fps and quality for more video info, while Normal recording in normal fps and quality to save storage)

Pre-recording time


Post recording time


Video search

Support to retrieval video by time, recording types


Support max. 4 channel simultaneously playback. Support 2/4/8/16 times fast play/fast rewind

Audio system

Audio Input

4 ch audio inputs. Back panel AV input aviation connectors (Two-way audio for channel 4)

Audio output

1 channel audio signal output. (3 ports for output: back panel 4 PIN aviation male connector; VGA connector (6 pin aviation interface); front panel 3.5mm AV out hole)

Two-way audio (Push to talk)

Support (Optional), Bidirectional call/dial

Audio compression algorithm

G.726, 8KB / s


IO input

8 channel alarm input

IO output

2 channel alarm output, support remote power off and cut fuel


2 x 1-wire ibutton supported

Motion detection



2 channel RS232


1 channel RS485


1 ch CANBUS (optional)


Support external serial-OBD box

USB bağlantı

1x USB2.0. Front panel USB




LAN port

1×10/100/1000Mbp Ethernet -6 pin aviation interface

3G / 4G

Support built-in 3G/4G module optional:WCDMA, CDMA2000, GPRS, EDGE;TDD-LTE, FDD-LTE. Default as selected Huawei 3G/4G module. Different bands optional for particular carriers Support 2 antennas (main antenna and auxiliary antenna)

SIM card

1 SIM card slot


Support Built-in 2.4G Wi-Fi module optional 2.4G/5.8G dual band Wi-Fi optional (Customized WIFI for optional);

Wi-Fi AP

Wi-Fi AP mode for hotspot (optional)


GPS desteği (u-blox yonga seti)



Support 1x 2.5-inch HDD or SSD; Max. 2TB

SD card

Support 1x SD card, max. 256GB


U disk upgrade; SD card upgrade; FTP remote batch upgrade

File system

Special File System to secure data.

Fire proof box

Support external Fireproof box (optional)


Power circuit

Seçilmiş Doğrusal güç yonga setleri, geniş güç yelpazesine uyarlanabilir. Aşırı yükten koruyun, düşük voltaj, kısa devre, ters polarite Destek zamanlayıcı anahtarı, gecikme kapalı.

Power Voltage

DC: + 8V ~ + 36V

Power output

+ 12 V @ 2.5A, + 5V @ 2A

Power consumption



Support external UPS (Optional)



-20 ℃ ila + 80 ℃

HDD heater



% 20 ila% 90

IP protection