12.3 inch HD Rearview Electronic Mirror with Dual Camera System

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Feel tired of the poor vision of traditional rearview mirrors in bad weathers? You need Sorax®12.3 inch Electronic Mirror With Side Camera Monitor System! It is installed inside the vehicle and can provide high definition clear images even in harsh weather conditions like rain, snow, fog, or in the dark.

Support 2CH x 720P camera input
Support 720P/30fps video recording
Support up to 128G SD Card
Support automatic backlight adjustment
Support automatic camera identification once the monitor is powered on. (The automatic identification will not work if the camera is connected after the monitor is powered on)
Resolution: 1920*3 (RGB)*720, IPS
Brightness: 1000 cd/m2
Contrast: 1000:1
IP69K camera night vision distance: 5m (16.40ft)
Power Input: 10-32V
Shockproof Rating: ISO 16750-3 (6.3G Max)

Why to install 12.3 inch Electronic Mirror With Side Camera Monitor System?

As is known to all, rearview mirrors are very important for driving safety. However, traditional rearview mirrors have some drawbacks. For example, environment may have a huge influence on them: when the light is dim, the mirror is covered with mist, or the brights from the cars behind are too strong, drivers will find it difficult to see what is happening behind the vehicle, which increases the risk of driving. In addition, the traditional rearview mirror has an inevitable effect on the air resistance of the vehicle, and on the field of view on the side of the vehicle.

Sorax® 12.3 inch Electronic Mirror With Side Camera Monitor System can help you solve your worries!

12.3" IPS Screen

Waterproof Dual Lens Side Camera

IP69K Waterproof vehicle Dual Lens side camera is suitable for outdoor use

720P HD Recording

Electronic mirror monitor, based on the traditional mirror monitor, achieves its function with the help of advanced technology of image transmission and high-definition video. It can be recorded and shown in split view.Electronic rearview mirror is beyond "Seeing". Actually it is a combination of "Seeing" and "Recording".

Camera with WDR Function

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Sorax®12.3 inch Electronic Mirror With Side Camera Monitor System can be easily applied to various vehicles for good vehicle surveilance.