Temperature screening for COVID-19 with thermal cameras or scanners is increasing more and more in hospitals, airports, public transport.
Temperature screening for COVID-19 with thermal cameras or scanners is increasing more and more in hospitals, airports, public transport.
Although thermal cameras cannot detect the onset of Covid, it relatively guarantees that anyone with a fever can enter the vehicle or building and prevent contamination to staff and passengers. Highly reliable organizations know that this highly efficient, ubiquitous method is the best solution. Thermal detector cameras, which have manual temperature measurement and more importantly mask control features, do not leave room for negligence. The epidemic can be transmitted to anyone at the point of momentary negligence. With an integration, the thermal detector camera to be positioned at the door entrances can ensure that visitors comply with the rules by not opening doors and audible warnings during vehicle boarding or unauthorized entry attempts at the building entrance.
Face recognition function will keep records of negligent people by keeping a log.

Thermal detector cameras come as the leading solution in technology with their ability to reduce the congestion in the human lines at the entrances that have to have temperature scans with handheld devices one by one and sometimes result in contact.
There are many solutions in thermal cameras. What about your choice for your business?
If you have a business with multiple visitor entries at the same time, we recommend using thermal detector cameras that can analyze 40 people at the same time.

If you accept your visitors one by one at the entrances, you can choose more economical thermal detectors.

When we analyze it economically, it will not be enough to position a staff at the entrance, when you use at least 2 personnel and 2 thermometers according to your visitor density, you will still not be able to achieve the exact desired efficiency and you will have a doubt. With an economical thermal detector camera, you can provide a more economical and permanent solution by making these costs at once.

A moment of carelessness can produce unwanted consequences, and we don't want that at all.
Everything will be automated and recorded with the thermal detector camera, face recognition, fever scale, mask control, solution and solution integration.

You will avoid problems in bilateral relations.

The thermal detector camera, which will be positioned in a vehicle to see the outside of the entrance area, will help you protect public health as a very economical solution.

You can get the same performance with the thermal detector cameras you will position at the entrances of your workplaces and you can take maximum precaution with a very economical solution.

Sorax Thermal detector has been designed both economically and functionally to meet all requirements.
It is important to remember that "An infected person can be contagious without high fever or other easily detectable symptoms." For this reason, mask control is among the most important measures.

The reason we designed all three together is to minimize the possibilities by taking as high precautions as possible.

Some of our customers do not neglect mask control by positioning thermal detector cameras not only at entrances but also at certain control points.
They are not unfair considering the future danger.

Hope you stay in good health.

Sorax Smart Technologies